Want To Be An Angel?

Abigail Goss is a three-year old girl fighting a rare, deadly cancer called Neuroblastoma. She has been fighting more than half of her life!! She was diagnosed when she was 19-months old. Her parents and four siblings are doing everything they possibly can to give her the best treatment possible. Even with insurance, fighting cancer can be extremely expensive. Little Abigail has already been treated with many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and antibody therapy.
January 2011 we found out Abigail had cancer.
December 2012 we found out Abigail had cancer, again.
Hearing those words once is a nightmare; hearing them twice is indescribable, because by that time you know more about the disease and the grim prognosis. She is now undergoing cancer treatment again.
Abigail passed away on July 15, 2013, exactly 2.5 years from her diagnosis date.  She finished her mortal mission earlier than we wanted, but we trust that Heavenly Father is in charge and will make all things right. We miss her with our entire beings, and words will never convey the pain of having your child absent from you for the rest of mortality. It is truly painful.
We look forward to the glorious day when we will see her again, when she will be resurrected with a perfect, clean, healed body, and our love and lives can continue together again. My heart burns with gratitude for our loving Father who provided a Savior for all of us to be redeemed from this mortal sphere. Abigail is sealed to us through the Priesthood on the earth, and we truly are an eternal family. There is no greater joy than this!